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I am fascinated by evolution and passionate about conservation and often find I have linked the two together. I am an evolutionary biologist and primate conservationist. I am also a broadcaster for television and radio and have written several books, covering a range of subjects from evolution and anatomy to animal behaviour and natural history.


I am the Professor of Evolutionary Biology and Science Engagement at the University of East Anglia. My Masters was in Wild Animal Biology from the Royal Veterinary College and my PhD at UCL focused on studying the early stages of speciation in island-living primates through molecular and anatomical changes.  


I started broadcasting in 2014 with my award-winning BBC4 series Secrets of Bones (BBC4). Since then, I have presented a range of television programmes and series, including Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur (2016), The Day the Dinosaurs Died (2017), Hyper-evolution: the Rise of Robots (2017), Secrets of Skin (2019), Baby Chimp Rescue (2020) and Attenborough and the mammoth graveyard (BBC1).  I have also presented A Grown-Up Guide to Dinosaurs (an Audible Original) and numerous series on BBC Radio 4, including Super Senses, and Wild Inside (with Dr Jess French) . 

Ben Garrod & David Attenborough with large bone.jpg
Jess French and Ben Garrod dissecting Jaguar.jpg
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